“My chocolate Labrador, Charlotte, was diagnosed with Lymphoma in August 2013, this was a very scary time and I wanted to do everything I could to give her a chance to extend her days as she was just shy of her 3rd birthday. Not long after her diagnosis the natural vet I was seeing (All Natural Vet Care) introduced me to Wellbeing Mix as I was feeding Charlotte a natural diet and wanted to make sure her meals were balanced. I cannot express enough how important Wellbeing Mix has been to Charlotte’s over all health, it gives me peace of mind knowing that she is getting all the nourishment that she needs to keep her strong as she progress through her chemotherapy protocol ,she is on a lifetime chemotherapy protocol so therefore it is extremely important that her dietary intake is balanced at all times. I take comfort in the fact that the Wellbeing Mix is made with the best possible products and the aim of the product is for the over all nutritional health of my dog and I can trust the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. I have always found Helen to be supportive and her advice has been source of comfort throughout this difficult journey. Charlotte is now 4 1/2 yrs old and exceeding expectations, there is no other product on the market that could give her balance with Wellbeing Mix provides.” 


“My introduction to your wonderful Wellbeing Essentials product was through Linda of the Seniors & Silkies organisation.  From Linda, we adopted Sonny, a dog with a sensitive tummy and skin, and little Sonny came to us with a specific, no preservatives food menu (all fresh, of course) and a parcel of goodies that included Wellness Essentials.  Our Charlie joined Sonny with his fresh food menu with the added valuable vitamins and nutrients from Wellbeing Essentials and although little Sonny passed away, Charlie has continued with the no preservatives diet.  Adding a spoonful of the Wellness Essentials to his meals has just become part of life.  Your product has taken the worry out of whether or not he’s getting everything thing he needs nutrition wise.  Thank you.”

 “Wellbeing For Dogs has helped to stave off my dog’s itchy tummy skin! With a real food based diet, and Wellbeing for Dogs, we have seen a decrease in our darling boy’s skin allergies. And for the lady who picks up the poo (that would be me), the job is made easier and less stinky since coming off the kibble based diet.”


“Scooter was always an exuberant dog right from the day we adopted him, or perhaps he adopted us, but he wasn’t the happy, healthy, absolutely gorgeous dog he is today. His previous owners had kept him locked up in a cage, a large one to be fair, because he had a tendency to chase kangaroos. He still has that tendency but now he’s a well-trained and obedient dog. I forgot to mention that Scooter is also the smartest dog in the world.

No prizes for guessing why Scooter is the happiest, healthiest, smartest and most beautiful dog in the world. Two hours after Scooter came to live with us I ordered my first large bag of Wellbeing Mix and while the pantry may not always offer up food for us, it is never without Scooter’s mix. I even give Wellbeing Mix to Pushkin the cat and he loves it. AND Twigglies. What am I going to tell Scooter when the last one has gone?

Scooter loves Helen and Wellbeing Mix too.”