Heidi’s Story

HeidiHeidi is a long-haired miniature daschund who is now 18 months old. She became part of our family in February 2012. Our lives are now intertwined with our baby dog and she comes everywhere with us. In a lot of ways made us a complete family and we adore her.

As a child growing up, our family always fed our dogs with freshly prepared food so it was natural that when we got a dog of our own we investigated the best opportunity to feed Heidi in a way that provided complete nutrition.

From day one we had some wonderful advice from Helen McNall on the importance of puppy nutrition. We started out with the Wellbeing Meals and included more of the wellbeing mix, but when they stopped we now we make our own meals on a weekly basis and freeze them. Variety is also part of what Heidi gets – important for her!

The main thing we were unsure of was how to make sure that the complement of food we used provided the nutrition that Heidi needed. There seemed to be so much information out there and you just want to do the right thing. Some of it was trial and error too – when Heidi would not eat something, whether she was just being picky or we had got it wrong!

When we started we needed to be reassured that the combination of food we where choosing was right for Heidi. Using Wellbeing essentials  helped us have that confidence in what we were doing – covering the bases for complete nutrition.

Typical week for Heidi is 2 meals a day. Usual meals are a mixture of raw steak cubes mixed with some rice or pasta, cooked turkey mince, grated carrot or cooked kale with Wellbeing for Dogs  wellbeing essentials. She will also get chicken necks 2-3 times a week and scrambled eggs once a week.

Heidi also gets sardines sometimes which she enjoys. She will also enjoy some yogurt or milk at different times.

Cooking is just a regular part of our routine, like preparing meals for the rest of the family!

Her favourite diner is chopped steak, grated carrot, Rissoni pasta sprinkled with the tiniest bit of parmesan cheese (and wellbeing essential mix of course!). She also LOVES the Twigglies as a treat….. she will throw them along the floor and chase it and gobble it up.

Seeing the positive results in Heidi’s health is the best! She always gets comments about her shiny coat,  she is full of energy and a very happy dog.

The overall health benefits of her diet for Heidi are immense – she has a good digestive system with well formed stools which is regular. She has a  beautiful shiny coat – good teeth and oral hygiene (no bad breath!). She is full of energy, Heidi really enjoys long walks and keeps up with us (even with those little legs).

But LOVE!  Love is the best bit – when you love your dog enough to give them real food, made with love, you get it back in spades… a healthier dog is a happier dog – which makes a happy and loving family!

Jim Fraser Redfern NSW