Gingers Story

GingerOur gorgeous dog Ginger is a 4 year old Bichoodle. She is the baby of the family, we have a 12 year old son and 10 year old daughter.  She is a real
sweetie and is adored by everyone she meets.  Many a Bichoodle has been purchased after meeting Ginger!!

From the day we bought her home, we wanted to do everything right so we diligently took her to puppy school, socialised her well, kept up her vaccinations, trained her, walked her, gave her lots of love and fed her what the vet recommended, a quality kibble.

So, imagine my horror when I met Helen McNall, the owner of Wellbeing for Dogs and learnt that kibble isn’t really the best option for optimum canine health.   But why isn’t it?  In hindsight, it’s obvious really!  Why would highly processed food with synthetic vitamins be good for dogs when it’s not good for humans?  I’d never thought about it that way…  There’s no way I’d feed my family a diet of highly processed food, so why was I feeding that to my dog?

From then on I started using Helen’s Wellbeing Mix when feeding Ginger.  I think of the Wellbeing Mix as my insurance policy to ensure Ginger is getting all the nourishment she needs.  It’s pretty simple and I use it in a few ways.

I sprinkle it onto food that I have cooked specifically for her – even though it’s full of protein, veggies and carbs, I know it might not being giving her all the vitamins and minerals she needs.  I also sprinkle it on family meal leftovers that I feed her.  I learnt from Helen that it is entirely fine to feed your dog family meal leftovers as long as they are nutritious and don’t have any ingredients that are harmful for dogs.  And, I sprinkle it on kibble (after soaking the kibble in hot water) if that’s all I have in the house.  Either way, Ginger loves it and I know that the meal is nutritious.  She also gets a chicken neck each day and bones to chew to make sure her teeth are in tip top condition!

Even though Ginger can’t speak, I know unequivocally, that she thanks the day I met Helen.  Now her diet is varied, tasty and healthier.  For me, I have a simple way of ensuring Ginger is getting all the nutrients she needs.

Win Win.

Lynette Argent Neutral Bay NSW