Carole Anne Priestley with Willow, Elmo and Milly

MillyI have 2 Bernese mountain dogs; Willow who is 9yo and weighs in at 40kg and her young brother Elmo 2yo and 55kg.  Millie is our terrier rescue dog and is a tiny 6kgs and likes to kill snakes!

I cook up every weekend, a massive chef pot, chicken drumstick filleted, with vegetables that I have put through the Bamix.

Their favorite day is cook up day, because they get to lick the bowl, all the little bits left and the stock.  I love that part of it.  Elmo lies on the ground and licks the last morsel.

I feel like I am nurturing them with proper food, I feel it is important to nurture them and I get great delight out of it!

Elmo and willow have 300grams of cooked meat each for every meal. Plus cooked vegetables, a handful mashed in Bamix, and a cup of crunchy, dog biscuits, with 2 tablespoons of wellbeing essentials mix.  I also add Glucosamine and fish oil with their meals. Breakfast is a tin of sardines.

Elmo loves the Wellbeing Mix and steals it whenever he can!  Steals eggs too, he can carry 6 eggs without breaking them,  over to the grass and enjoys.

No bones unfortunately as Elmo doesn’t metabolise them, he swallows them whole and it costs fortune at the vet to have them removed. It’s difficult with bones as Willow is fine with them, but Elmo gobbles them whole, even a massive leg bone or marrow bones, just gets them broken enough to swallow whole.

Willow has had cancer and at 9 years is doing very well for a Bernese Mountain dog, he brother died at 4. They both have beautiful teeth, coats glistening, look like velvet. Vets always comment, they glisten with health.

Willow & Elmo

Even though I have to do big cook up, its easier, because I don’t have to worry about what I give them, and I know the quantity is right.  Even though it is a hassle I know my dogs eat well, most of the time they eat better than me.

It’s just a commitment, if have animals, part of that for me is making sure they eat good quality food, and not comprising that.  It just doesn’t wash that they are ‘just a dog’ – if it isn’t good enough for me then it’s not good enough for my dog.