Wellbeing Essentials 1kg

$96.80 (tax incl.)

Made from 20+ delicious and natural fresh whole foods and super foods, just mix 1tsp of our Wellbeing…

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The 1kg packet is the best value buy, providing around 200 serves for a 5kg dog.  It is ideal for larger dogs and multi-dog homes.

With 20+ natural whole foods specifically selected to provide the micro-nutrients that are frequently missing in homemade dog food. it is designed to ensure the right balance of minerals for your dog’s needs.  It’s packed with super foods to boost the antioxidants your dog can draw upon for long term health – Wellbeing Essentials is your nutritional bridge in your fridge.

Suitable for all diets, it will enhance commercial pet food through the abundance of natural wholefoods, providing a bioavailable boost to their diet, increased vitality and it’s anti-inflammatory.  And it is delicious!  To dogs : )