Check list to bringing puppy home

In the two weeks before Stan comes to her family there are many things to think about and organise, these are some of my top tips:

  • Collect newspaper for wee spots. You will go though a lot in the early weeks
  • Go around all your fences and ensure there are no escape spots. Remember a tiny puppy can wriggle out of lots of places. And into them too, so make sure drains and pipes and under house places are closed off.
  • Ensure garden shed and/or gardening supplies are well out of reach. Fertiliser can smell good to a curious nose and can be toxic.
  • Inside secure all leads, wires, power jacks, computer leads. Good idea to bundle them so they are less attractive and harder to get at. Where possible get off the ground or into a shield.
  • Remove anything off the floor that can be chewed easily, or has the potential to fall if pulled or tugged.
  • Often helps to get down on the floor and look through the eyes of a puppy – there will be some good stuff!
  • Decide on whether you will crate the dog or not. I never have, preferring to have the puppy fully in the house, chaos and all. If crating then get one and create the right space for it.
  • If not you might consider some childproof gates for doorways or stairs that could be dangerous.
  • Where will the puppy be sleeping? Assume a bedroom and so stairs will need to be blocked so he can’t wander at night (and fall).
  • Make a space, he will need two beds, one up one down. The downstairs one will be his safe place (if not crated). It should be quiet corner but not away from everyone.
  • He will need a space for where he will be fed. This will most likely be in the kitchen, and it should be consistent, out of human traffic but still in sight. I suggest a special mat or rug that denotes the space and he learns that this is where he goes for food.

Shopping list:

  • 2 soft beds – washable and not chewable. You can get one small one that ‘fits’ now and one that will be for his full size if preferred.
  • Spot collar and tag with his name any best mobile number
  • Harness. He will grow out of these, maybe 3 all up. I like the Puppia brand. Harnesses are a much better way to control puppy unless you are actively teaching him obedience.
  • Extendable lead (Zippy)
  • Double lead extension. This is so he can be attached to a seat belt in the car. (I will put a photo up of this). It has an O ring in the middle with a clip at either end.
  • Toys. Soft cuddly to sleep with and cuddle and a few different squeaky toys for games. He will also need some chewable things to satisfy those puppy teeth. It is also good to start with a toy basket early on and teach him to put his toys away at the end of the day.
  • Feeding bowls. I personally use just my own china, but it can be useful to have something that can’t tip over easily. The same with a water bowl.

Next post is bringing puppy home and the first few days!