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Foundations For Real Food

Why is the best dog food the one you make yourself?


5 Good reasons…

  1. No matter how fancy or expensive a commercial dog food is, it is still a highly processed product with synthetic vitamins and minerals. We know that if we humans live on all processed food our long term health suffers
  2. You know what is in it, if you care enough to make food then you will care enough to make sure the food you give your dog is healthy dog food, not a waste product from a factory
  3. Variety is vital to long term health and feeding (or eating) the same thing every day, day in day out, is not a recipe for long term health (or mental health). Feeding your dog from the wonderful variety that nature provides naturally makes for a healthier and happier dog.
  4. Very few dogs will naturally and willingly starve themselves to death, so they will eat what you put down even if it makes them sick. How do you know what they are feeling if you aren’t choosing the ingredients yourself.
  5. You can finally feel good feeding your dog. That horrible feeling of giving them that stinking kibble or can and feeling sorry for them, while you sit down to a beautiful meal is a thing of the past.
  6. But the main one is that there is nothing quite like the feeling you get from providing food, true nourishing delicious food, for your dog and watching them hoe it down. It is a heartfelt connection that truly bonds you to your dog.

Helping you to provide natural and healthy dog food

Wellbeing Essentials is the bridge that ensure the food you give your dog meets your dog’s micronutrient needs. Simply sprinkle it on top of the food you serve to help you get the basics right and enhance your dogs diet to optimise their long term health and wellbeing.

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