What is the shelf life of a pack of Wellbeing Essentials?

We suggest the best before date is 12 months from the date of manufacture and a label on the pack will have a date that is the best before. We tend to make our Wellbeing Essentials in small batches so that it is as fresh as can be. After this date the product isn’t ‘bad’ it is more that the oils in the nuts as seeds are not at their best.
Keeping the pack out of heat and light keeps it at its best.

How long does it keep once opened?

We say that it should be used within 3 months of opening however this is a guide not an absolute. Exposure to air and moisture and heat it tends to spoil the oils over time. Keeping the pack sealed and in the refrigerator will help keep it freshest. It can be helpful to have a smaller amount in separate pack or container for every day use and keep the larger pack sealed. This means the pack needs to be opened less often and will also help to keep freshness.

How do I store Wellbeing Essentials?

Keeping the pack away from heat and sunlight is important. It is best stored in a cool dark place, either the refrigerator or cupboard.

How much do I use?

Small amount is all that is required. It is packed with nutrients and nature over-delivers on them with some foods. It is designed to be simple – 5g per 5kg of your dog’s weight up to 15 kg then 5g per 10 kg of dog’s weight. The measuring spoon is included in the pack:
• 5kg dog – 1 level/flat spoon (included)
• 10kg dog – 1 rounded spoon
• 15kg dog – 1 rounded + 1 level spoon
• 25kg dog – 2 rounded spoonful’s
• 35kg dog – 2 rounded + 1 level
• 45kg dog – 3 rounded spoonful’s

My dog is a fussy eater, will my dog like it?

Wellbeing Essentials is delicious to dogs. Indeed it can be used to encourage eating of veggies or kibble. Dogs like the smell, the taste and the texture.

Can I use Wellbeing Essentials with Kibble/commercial pet food?

Although Wellbeing Essentials is formulated for home made real food diets, adding it to a commercial diet (wet or dry) will greatly benefit your dog. Adding natural whole foods, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and digestive health with pre and probiotics enhances the long term health of your dog.

What are the differences I should notice?

Softer coat is usually the first thing that you will notice. Brighter eyes, increased vitality, better poo! Often it is a persistent problem for your dog that will go away, whether that is skin, or limp, smelly coat, lethargy, ‘senior moments’. Often dogs with allergies will see a marked improvement. Dogs with arthritic problems or other joint issues will see a significant improvement in mobility and softness of muscles.

What is the time frame that these differences will show up?

The first changes can usually be seen in 5-10 days. 3 weeks is when you will really notice the difference and then within 3 months the full health benefits for your dog will be apparent.

How long do I use it for?

Please realise that Wellbeing Essentials is a lifetime gift to your dog. While using it for a few months will make a difference to any problems your dog is experiencing, it’s the lifetime health of your dog that matters most.

Using Wellbeing Essentials every day will have a positive impact on long term health and vitality. Food is the foundation of health, and long term health is what we want to ensure for our dogs. The decline into senior years and old age can’t be avoided but everything we can do to help those years be still full with healthy bodies and life force is what we all want.

My dog has frequent tummy upsets, the runs or loose stools – will Wellbeing Essentials help?

Yes it will in most cases. Setting up good digestion and gut health is essential for long term health. Wellbeing Essentials has a prebiotic (Inulin) which encourages good bacteria. This works in conjunction with a probiotic (Lactobactilicus Acidophilus) to set up good bacteria over the long term. Healthy fibre from the nuts and seeds, lignans from flaxseed and sesame seeds and calcium in the right amount for your dog, all contribute to setting up long term goodness in the digestive system and healthy poo is the output that you will notice?!

My Dog Ate The Whole Pack – what should I do?

Your dog will be fine if a little frisky! As it is made entirely from natural wholefoods, your dog cannot over-dose on it.

Are there dogs that should not have Wellbeing Essentials?

Dogs with issues with copper (Bedlington Terriers and some other breeds in far less frequently) should be aware of the copper from the dehydrated liver by viewing the nutritional information panel has the copper per 5g.

Fortunately Copper Toxicosis is being diminished by responsible breeding.

If you have any other questions please let us know!