Twigglies: Delicious Healthy Dog Treats

treats-4I know and I am sure you do as well, how difficult it can be to find healthy dog treats.

I had a problem with Beanie. She is one of those dogs who doesn’t like to chew; chomp, swallow and bring it up is her style; she doesn’t like bones, gets sick from raw. So I needed something that she would have to crunch, be healthy, even good for her, and because she isn’t food motivated it had to be delicious.

Well Twigglies came out of that. About the only thing she would chew was twigs and sticks, and one caught in her back teeth, off to the vet who managed to remove it, but no more twigs.

Twigglies was born. They are made from organic flour, rolled oats and oatmeal, almond butter, Manuka honey, eggs, chia seeds and not much else. Smell delicious, designed to be crunchy, and about the only time the poodles hang around is when I am taking them out of the oven.

I sincerely hope your dog enjoys them and as always, please get in touch with any questions. If you can’t wait to try them out for your dog you can shop online now.