Recipe – Cooking For The Fur Kids: Meatballs

Very Healthy Lamb Meatballs (for humans and dogs)IMG_1207

You may know by now that I like to feed my dogs basically what I am cooking for myself with appropriate modifications.

I think of it like feeding human kids, leave out the bits they don’t like, and keep it simpler. Of course I can do that because I rely on Wellbeing Essentials to be the bridge between my food and canine nutritional needs.


Here’s what ingredients you’ll need: Read more about “Recipe – Cooking For The Fur Kids: Meatballs” here.


Choice. We think we have it, are making it, but without knowledge, true choice is not possible.

That is what started me on this journey, to share my knowledge and learning about how and what we should feed these loving companions of ours and to offer dog lovers information so they could have a choice and make informed decisions.

It is accepted wisdom now, passed on from Hippocrates even, that you are what you eat, and this no less applies to us as it does to our dogs.  What we feed them matters, matters to their health and wellbeing, their vitality, absence of disease and sickness, and to their longevity.  What you feed them matters.

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‘Balanced and Complete’ – what does it mean?

Part of advertising spin about why we need to feed our dogs commercially made pet food is because it is ‘balanced and complete’ and most vets will say (rightly) that dogs have different needs to humans and you can’t be sure that food you make will be ‘balanced and complete’.

Stepping back a bit, this concept comes from AFFCO (and other erstwhile bodies), the acronym stands for American Association of Feed Control Officials, the body that sets the standards for all livestock.

The first problem comes in that we no longer think of dogs as ‘livestock’.

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Why Cook?

“Life is filling in the time between meals” is something many humans feel, but for dogs, they love food so much it really is the hours between meals are when ‘other stuff’ happens.  Yes you get the odd dog (and they are odd) who ‘nah’, can’t be bothered, but mostly even then I would say it is because you haven’t found their favourite yet.

Food sharing, making food for others is perhaps the oldest tradition, the very thing that bonds us, connects us and it is still the way that we show love.

Cooking is fundamentally an act of love, and it is astounding how much love transforms food.  If you love cooking you will know what I mean and if you don’t yet cook, well you are just as lucky because you have the greatest pleasure to find.

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