Love and Loss of Dogs

Aka Captain Curly Pyjamas, Sparky, Squeaky, Boo

Aka Captain Curly Pyjamas, Sparky, Squeaky, Boo

My darling boy Marley passed away – I had to make that terrible decision and let him join the angels.

He was a magical little entity, much bigger in life than his tiny frame would suggest. Bringing this little puppy into my life almost 15 years ago changed my life forever, is the reason for the business of Wellbeing for Dogs and the guiding light in my heart, where he remains.

He will remain the company mascot and our logo as he always did represent everything this company is about. Joy, integrity, fun, health, generosity, loving and kind. He epitomised love.

He was smart, had an insatiable curiosity, goodness was in his heart, and he made everyone his friend. A new little soul for a star was created, angel dust indeed.

I know many of you will have suffered this kind of sadness at loss – to have a dog in your life inevitably means losing them, and the pain of that can be unbearable. My heart goes out to you.

For me though, the joy I have experienced from that one little soul makes up for the pain I endure at its loss. I think the angels are rejoicing, a favourite has returned.