Puppy Love

Stan Photo

Puppies – what’s not to love.

I know they call it Puppy Love but if you have ever been smitten by the patter of four little paws then you will know that it feels like the real thing. I know I have been head over heels (sometimes literally) – and those first few months are not only critical to getting a happy healthy dog, but critical to sanity that you know you will survive.

Puppies are total chaos and we are never prepared for the amount of disruption that comes with accommodating a fur kid into our busy lives. And it is worth every second. A good friend and her family are getting a puppy and is naturally enough asking lots of questions, especially about what to feed this new bundle of joy.

So over the coming months I will share here my advice and views on raising a puppy. The posts are my opinion drawn from what I have learnt raising 5 puppies myself over the years. I hope you find them helpful.