Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 is developed from our research and designed to ensure the micronutrient needs of dogs are provided for – ensuring your homemade dog food diet is a powerhouse for long term health and vitality.


Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 for dogs:

  • Contains 22 delicious and natural fresh wholefoods and super foods.
  • Is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients and pre and probiotics, all originating from premium human food ingredients.
  • Has no nasties, no numbers and the natural antioxidant (Vitamin E) to keep it fresh.
  • Can be sprinkled on commercial pet food, giving your dog an insurance policy for the future.
  • Is fresh, real and helps to expand the micronutrient nutrition dogs need to draw upon for long term health and wellbeing.
  • Has been designed to be delicious and easy to use – just sprinkle the suggested spoon size onto your dog’s homemade cooked or raw meal.

For more information on the health benefits for dogs take a look at our dedicated page on the site.

Suggested Serving Size

Small to medium dogs: 1-2 teaspoons
Medium to large dogs: 1-2 desert spoons
Large dogs: 1-2 tablespoons

Please click here for details on the nutritional information.

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